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Another glass! Essential, poetic, flexible, regenerated. Another light!

ANOTHER LIGHT is an exhibition project born from an idea of HI LITE Next and Andrea Borri Architetti with Simes that explores the encounter of light with building materials in "Another Brick" and scraps from the Murano glass processing in "Another Glass" .  Giopato & Coombes creations complete the setting-up.


In view of the forthcoming Milan Design Week 2019 HI LITE NEXT will fit out a public outdoor area in front of its historical showroom in Via Brera 30 with an installation dedicated to “structural light”.  

Simes, one of the most prolific international companies and pioneer in the field of architectural outdoor lighting solutions, will play a leading role in this special event.

"Another brick" is the theme of the installation: a portion of a solid brick barrel vault with a surface that enfolds, inspired by traditional archetype forms so to represent a totally innovative product, the “Brick of light.

The “Brick of Light” project was conceived through the composition of glass material in the form of a brick, that with the aid of the most recent LED technology, is now both a luminous source and a structural element.    

The bricks of light are totally integrated in the barrel vault's texture highlighting the space and transforming it into an area of congregation and social gathering, a true landmark in the heart of Brera.

ANOTHER GLASS from scrap materials to unique pieces.

Scrap glass from Murano glass processing,  provided to ten Italian designers and architects for the creation of a lamp: a semi-finished product waiting to be regenerated that turns into a unique, strong, essential, poetic, flexible piece. In another light!

This is the initiative of HI LITE Next on the occasion of the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile 2019 which will be previewed in Milan from April 9th to 14th in its spaces in Via Brera 30.

The project stems from the desire to continue giving life to one of the most incredible materials in human history: glass. In particular one of its most important and expressive forms, Murano glass, starting from the recovery of its waste processing.

The obsessive quest for perfection that characterizes the large Murano furnaces has always led to the generation of large quantities of waste. Let us be clear, these bits and pieces are imperfect artistic scraps only to the eye of the expert or the artist himself who subjectively establishes what is the level of perfection and beauty he has requested.

For HI LITE Next, therefore, these scraps are conceived and seen not as "waste" but as semi finished products, waiting to be regenerated. Entrusted to ten Italian designers and architects scraps are transformed into lamps of the most varied shapes and sensibilities.

These are the ten projects that will be previewed by HI LITE Next during Milan Design Week:

CANDLE design by Attilio Ladina, OBELYX design by Vittorio Carena Studio, LUMÈTA design by Ryuta Okano Nicola Vanossi, PIVÒ design by Six Plus Architects, TWIST design by Andrea Manfredi AntiMeridian design consultancy, ICE design by Barbara Rigolio and Davide Turconi, LUI, LEI design by LF2lab Francesca Scotti and Florence Di Benedetto, FIORELLINO design by Simone Colombo, THORO design by Giuseppina Motta, OASIS design by Maddalena Battaglia, NIGHT SHIFT design by Jacopo della Fontana D2U. 

The economy of raw materials and their discarded potential are, ultimately, also a quality of beauty. Reuse and regeneration can be beautiful as well as ethically pursued. They also have many reasons to achieve success by revealing both the origins of the regenerated objects and the incredible modernity of the new creation. The challenge of HI LITE Next for the future: to implement this concept, expand it, take it to the extreme to create lamps and projects starting from apparently less noble but equally valid waste materials, for the creation of objects  increasingly contemporary, innovative and full of charm.


Activities schedule

April 8
18:30 — 22:00 Press preview
April 9
10:00 — 22:00 Exhibition
April 10
10:00 — 22:00 Exhibition
April 11
10:00 — 22:00 Exhibition
April 12
10:00 — 22:00 Exhibition
April 13
10:00 — 22:00 Exhibition
April 14
10:00 — 22:00 Exhibition

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HI LITE Next is a company based in Milan that provides expert advice for lighting design, building automation systems, sound and visual systems for residential, retail, office and hospitality projects. His key aim is: full satisfaction of their client through innovative and unconventional solutions.


SIMES has been in business since 1973 and keeps its brand at the forefront of the outdoor lighting market. SIMES luminaires delicately merge technology and design: light is seen almost as an elegant, discreet form of writing, to seamlessly integrate lighting to enhance the outdoor architecture

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