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Supporter of a design process aimed at rethinking happiness, Aldo Cibic considers design as a system capable of generating an improvement in people’s quality of life, compared to the various critical situations of the reality we live in. According to Cibic the value of the project lies in the awareness that it is not in the action of a single individual that we can find solutions and that sharing different creativities is essential to create development.

His analysis of architecture leads him to consider the issue of sustainability in broad terms, thinking of the design of a territory, a life environment and the definition of the activities taking place in it, thus contributing to defining the discipline of “service design”. Cibicworkshop puts the individual and his complex set of relationships, as well as the constant inclination towards change, at the centre of its work. Sustainability today is also care for the dynamics of the relationship between space and people, based on the designing of places according to social interactions, to the promotion of local cultures and public space.


Aldo Cibic was born in Schio, in the province of Vicenza in 1955 and has quickly developed a self-taught interest for the design world. In 1981, as partner to Sottsass Associati, he was founding member of Memphis, an organisation of artists that will mark a momentous turning point in the world of design and architecture. An innovator by vocation and inclination, one who never liked any general labels nor style excesses, Cibic adopted “experimentation as a practice”. In the late 1980s he founded Studio Cibic and launched “Standard” (1991), his first self-produced collection. At the same time he became teacher at Domus Academy and started some research activities with several schools, developing at the same time his ideas on “service design”. His projects, such as “The Solid Side” (1995) and “New Stories New Design” (2002) promoted a dynamic relationship between people and space and provided a new space design method based on social interactions. He continued on this line in the following years with “Microrealities” (2004) and “Rethinking Happiness” (2010). Both were showcased at the Venice Biennale of Architecture and became contemporary storytelling aimed at increasing the opportunities for meeting, debate and sharing in the life of the community. In 1989 he founded Cibic & Partners and in 2010 the Cibicworkshop, not only a design studio but also a centre for multidisciplinary research, he started to focus more on alternative types of sustainable projects aimed at enhancing entire local areas and defining new cultures, as well as the emotional and environmental consciousness of public space. Aldo Cibic is currently teaching at Politecnico of Milan, at IUAV in Venice and at Domus Academy; he is also Honorary Professor at Tongji Uuniversity in Shanghai.


Savona 18 Suites
Via Savona, 18

Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival
Tongji University Shanghai, La Triennale di Milano
Viale Alemagna, 6

Via Solferino, 11

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