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The soul asleep inside you wakes up.

Team 24:01 is a creative community that has approved of Project 24:01.

To share the world views that the creators of Team 24:01 collaboratively create "going towards the near future," we provide a place for various activities.

 This time, the stage for Team 24:01 is a high-class Japanese inn that will be newly established in Yugawara, Japan, in June 2019, "BOSCAGE kariya OKUYUGAWARA."

We will be displaying an installation of BOSCAGE's lighting plan at Milano Design Week 2019.

BOSCAGE's lighting plan is a space of lights where Japan's ancient way of living together with nature enables one to feel and realize, in the quiet and dark, that one is also a life that is amidst nature. The light is almost like a condensation of a few hundred years of sunlight filtering through trees. Led by that light, one can remember that they are a part of the land.

In the lighting piece that we will display at Milano Design Week in April 2019, we took impressions of each and every memory and existence of moss-covered rock and tree that was once in a forest, enclosed them in acrylic, and let them be reborn as transparent objects.

Our aim is for us not to forget our hearts and continue existing as humans with nature, even with the science and technology that has developed for humans to live more comfortably.

This is a project to realize such a near future.


Activities schedule

April 8
16:00 — 20:00 Exhibition
16:00 — 20:00 Press preview
April 9
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Installation of lighting and images
April 10
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Installation of lighting and images
April 11
11:00 — 21:00 Exhibition - Installation of lighting and images
April 12
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Installation of lighting and images
April 13
11:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Installation of lighting and images
April 14
11:00 — 18:00 Exhibition - Installation of lighting and images

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BOSCAGE kariya OKUYUGAWARA is the high class RYOKAN - Japanese style inn, scheduled to open in June 2019 in Yugawara Japan. Yugawara is a nice place, only an hour by train from Tokyo.

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􏰀since 1990 based in Milan, working on Product, Interior, Kitchen Design, Concept Making and Design Consultancy with wide range of the point of view obtained by collaboration experience with various Italian, Japanese and Russian companies.

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Team 24:01

Team 24:01 is the community of Creators who endorsed the 24:01 Project.
We provide a place for various activities so that the Creators of Team 24:01 can work together “for the near future”, and express to others the world view that they have created.

Located about 6 minute's walk from Yugawara station ,this classy and cozy hot spring hotel is run by a fishmonger in a residential district near the sea. With its Japanese-style interior, the hotel has a friendly, relaxed and nostalgic atmosphere.


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