Brera Design District

dOT & ABLE TO: the green core of #Fuorisalone19

The parvis of the majestic Basilica di San Marco – gateway to Brera Design District – and its historical cloisters turn into an enchanting urban garden thanks to dOT & ABLE TO, the outdoor event of Fuorisalone in the historic Piazza San Marco - Brera.

Green settings and outdoor solutions will surround you, thus creating an authentic oasis for you in the city center, where nature, design and beauty blend in offering unique views and relax to you.


For the third year in a row,  dOT’s green settings will constitute the green core of the most creative and bohemien district of Fuorisalone. A regular area of 400 sqm turns into a lush urban forest, proposing elegant solutions for moments of outdoor relaxation and conviviality during the day as well as marvelous views and fascinating scenarios at night.

Outstanding products of the Outdoor Design & Living, accompanied by toasts to celebrate Milan and its creativity, sophisticated settings, bath-tubs and waterfalls create the perfect atmosphere far away from the frenzy of  the Milan Design Week. dOT does not only offer a Petit-déjeuner sur l’herbe or a metropolitan pic-nic, but also much more, such as happy-hours into the nature, tailored-made dehors and a personal Eden. Thanks to the collaboration with ABLE TO, dOT reaches the cloisters of the Basilica too.


 ABLE TO design + art by T’ABLE presents products, which show a know-how and a mindset typical of the territory and of its connection to innovation, technology, experimentation, design and artistic reseach.

The historical cloisters in Piazza San Marco are the core of new ideas and of art-and-craft solutions, experiments on shapes and materials that drive  new processes of research and production. Furniture, artworks and products praise the ability – Able to –  to be creative.

Activities schedule

April 9
10:30 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
April 10
10:30 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
18:00 — 23:30 Press preview - Emu: evening open to invited guests.
18:00 — 23:30 Press preview - Perrier-Jouët: evening open to invited guests.
18:00 — 23:30 Press preview - Jacuzzi: evening aperitif open to invited guests.
18:00 — 23:30 Press preview - Corradi: evening aperitif open to invited guests.
April 11
10:30 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
April 12
10:30 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
20:30 — 23:30 Show - musicAeterna orchestra e coro dell’Opera di Perm Teodor Currentzis direttore (available through payment).
April 13
10:30 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.
April 14
10:30 — 23:30 Exhibition
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Perrier-Jouët: catering food & beverage (available through payment).
11:00 — 23:30 Presentation - Cedral Tassoni: complimentary drink tasting all day.

& companies

ABLE TO design + art

ABLE TO design + art by T’ABLE presents artifacts that show the paths and horizons of a know-how that has its roots in the culture of the territory. The historical cloister of the San Marco church will host experimentations on shapes and materials that celebrate ability finalized to creativity.


Adriana Lohmann presents the Flower Power lamp collection: perfect complement to the “Chic Pop Art” interior design trend. A charming line with deep roots in the past, yet projected towards the future, characterised by Mylar translucent petals that adapt to all styles.

Arena S.p.A

Since 1973, Arena has created and marketed waterwear products for competitive swimmers and swimming fans worldwide, becoming one of the premium brands with a presence in 116 countries. Since 2014 arena has been sponsor and technical partner of FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation).

Atelier Dall’Osso

The work of Davide Dall’Osso and Maria Vittoria Gozio is the result of several influences, consisting of transparency and contamination of materials. The apparent frailty of polycarbonate’s fusions is given strength by the sculptural experimental work that emphasizes the nature of the material used.

Caffè Ernani

In 1909 Caffè Ernani opened its doors in Milan thanks to the improvement of the espresso machine. Selecting the best beans and monitoring the roasting process have always been our priorities in order to enhance the delicate taste of our coffee, a blend of aromas coming from all over the world.


Established in 1989, Catellani & Smith reflects the artistic personality of the Founder, Enzo Catellani. Carrying out for almost thirty years works in continuous evolution, halfway between art and craft. Enzo Catellani lighting creations reveal the unique qualities of "hand made" products.

Cedral Tassoni S.p.A.

By innovating within tradition, Cedral Tassoni continues to produce its own aromas as it always has, offering its consumers natural beverages that pay careful attention to the highest quality standards. Simply the best for the most authentic “ Made in Italy”.

CE.SI. Ceramica di Sirone S.r.l.

For more than 60 years CE.SI. has been inventing, planning and producing high quality ceramic tiles, valued worldwide and able to satisfy the most demanding client. The wide variety of sizes, colours and finishings offers endless combinations and interesting solutions.

Corradi srl

A long way from the small artisanal workshop of 1978 to today's factory, Corradi srl uses the best production technologies that allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces as much as possible. The first to patent the product that embodies the perfect combination of a pergola and a sun shade.

Davide Dall’Osso

Constantly involved in artistic environments, experiencing acting, scenography and sculpture, using his voice, his body, light and more. He is searching for his identity, just like the matter is searching for its realization.

Déco spa

Déco was founded in 2010 in Bergamo and is specialized in the market of natural and composite outdoor wood applications. In 2018 presents its first outdoor furniture collections: MakeMake and Eleven. In 2019 introduces new covering solutions for a continuity between in and out and Clap! indoor only.

DOT design, outdoor, taste

The DOT: Design Outdoor Taste project aims at giving a peculiar emphasis on outdoor furniture companies. Studio VG Crea will create exceptional settings that will coordinate and blend the selection of furniture and ornaments of the participating brands.


Cocktails are designed and produced starting from the direct processing of botany, be it floral or herbaceous, we are going to extract the properties and aromas directly using different techniques based on the type of treatment best suited to both the raw material and the product we want get from it

EMU Group S.p.A.

Since 1951, EMU brings the Italian culture of open-air living to the world, producing outdoor signature furniture that combine tradition, technological innovation and quality.

0039 075 874021

EN SPACE network

EN Space is a network of professionals engaged in the field of architecture, design and landscape. Through event programming and activity planning it qualifies as an excellent interface between institutions, organizations, companies and designers.


Enzo is a landscape architecture office in Gifu (Japan), which collaborates with architects. It plays the leading role within the “Team Balanco” and its prototypes combine design, architecture, tradition and landscape. The table “Intree table” creates privacy and its shape harmonizes with nature.

Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica is a company that for over 60 years has been working in the field of private, industrial building and architecture, the company is renowned for its high degree of specialization and innovation of the proposed solutions.


Planning and construction of winter gardens, verandas, gazebos, garden items. Artistic processing of wrought iron, gates, balustrades, parapets, stairs and gratings.


Conveying lightness to a typically heavy and solid material such as ceramic is what Eva Munarin aims to do in her artworks. She seeks unusual combinations of shapes and colors, and contrasts between opaque and shiny enamels. Tuscany becomes culture.


G-Living is a young company that deals with indoor and outdoor furnishing: starting from shower boxes and glass doors to the most sophisticated furnish complements. We follow the customer in every step: measurements, design, production and installation. All our products are custom made.

Green Design

Continuous research, comparison and experimentation helped develop and grow a professional background that was the base for a new company project, born from the combination of experience and new inputs from the art and design world.

Gruppo Giardini

Gruppo Giardini was born in 1986 by the vision and will of its founder, Alessandro De Francesco, and it specializes in design, construction and maintenance of luxury gardens in the world. .From the choice of botanical essences to highly technological irrigation systems.


Hot Design Innovation is a dynamic and innovative enterprise aimed at developing eco-friendly and “Made in Italy” products and design concepts as a reference point worldwide. The Designer Lorenzo Corneli takes care of the entire collection and conceives exclusive projects for the enterprise.


Ikona stairs aims to revolutionize the traditional concept of stairs. All Ikona stairs are exclusive and can be personalized with countless materials, resulting in a highly developed interior design that suits the style of any environment and of its residents.


I Love My Kitchen was founded in 2009 in Reggio Emilia. Thanks to his twenty years of experience in catering, Giulio Bacicchi aimed at combing in catering quality, search for top-quality raw materials and dynamism. Every event, dynamic and contemporary, turns into an experience for the customer.

0522 430347


It is a multidisciplinary design team, founded by Svetlana Golubeva, aimed at developing innovative products and materials, such as SPLOT, a mirrored aluminium fabric-interlacement made of used sheets. It can become an object, a piece of furniture, a light.

IPM Italia Srl

IPM Italia - Since 1981 we produce and lay continuous resin flooring for indoor and draining flooring for outdoor. Thanks to the internal laboratory, we study high-performance and eco-friendly solutions for each commodity sector and we install them in a perfect way with our certified teams.


I Sassi di Assisi combine the Italian craft tradition with cutting-edge technologies for the processing selected stones, extracted from quarries all over the word. The integrity of the materials is preserved, thus enhancing their characteristics and creating a unique product.

Italgraniti Group Spa

Outfloor20 is the Italgraniti project of outdoor porcelain stoneware floors, suitable for all types of outdoor solutions such as gardens, terraces, swimming pools, courtyards, bars and restaurants, thanks to the use of peerless durability and resistance.

Jacuzzi Europe Spa

Jacuzzi® reinvented the bathtub in 1968. 50 years on from that, Jacuzzi® is back to impress with the innovative SwirlpoolTM technology that will distinctively identify our brand and design. ARGA® is the first product on the market to offer this kind of relaxing experience. Make your Moments count.

JOBBY S.r.l.

Jobby is the coolest way for people and businesses to outsource tasks. Want your home cleaned or furniture put together? Just download the app, ask for task you'd like done, suggest a fair budget and you'll start to receive offers from available and enthusiastic workers.


Heterogeneous lighting sources all aimed at creating beauty, avoiding restrictions and prejudices, in order to range from indoor to outdoor solutions, extensively using materials, lightning technologies and diving into ancient techniques, such as glassblowing.


In almost 20 years as a general contractor we have been studying and creating light technology solutions, combining artisanal skills and industrial capacity. Krea Design pays attention to the details that make the difference and are expression of sartorial skill, we use only materials Made in Italy.

Lissone Città del Design

Brianza, the production and creative design district, is a territorial system that represents the “knowledge and knowhow” of the wood and furnishings supply chain. A story told by articles, semi-finished products, ideas, and design pieces, and example of the real sense of man’s labour.


Marocchi Natural Living sets itself the mission of creating comfortable, functional and harmonious living spaces, through the detailed study of materials and architectural furnishing solutions. OM-officinae is its creative and productive space, heir to the wisdom of the Marocchi family.

Matteo Pala

Family tradition, passion and experience in the creation of the carpet, between restoration and experimentation, fascination for western lands and search for customized solutions. Carpets are more than a piece of furniture: they the unique expression of a creative experience.


For the last 45 years, Metalmek has being working in the manufacturing industry, processing aluminium and metal sheets and assembling the end product. The company develops LED lightning, focusing on the needs of the customer. The products are mainly intended for civil and commercial use.


A new way of cooking and grilling thanks to a corten or black steel fire bowl. Its reversed-cone shape creates a large and flat angle, which efficiently serves as cooking surface. People gather around the cozy circle of warmth, sharings moments and meals.

+39 (0)2 87 15 9519


Perrier-Jouët is a historic, iconic Maison de Champagne with exceptional vineyards. It is known for the finesse, the flowery notes and the elegance of its wines, created thanks to the savoir-faire of its chef de cave – only seven since 1811.

0033 1 47 48 80 71


Plantui Smart Garden™ is a hydroponic indoor garden for growing intense herbs, exotic salad greens and edible flowers. It is an innovative product, with an intelligent software that take care of the lights, water and nutriments automatically, for an ecologic production of greens, all year round.


Ranging from lighting techniques for the nautical industry to products for domestic, work and exhibition purposes: The ED Pole Lamp is a blade of light with adjustable intensity.


A system of containers for public spaces, which can serve different purposes by changing the adjustable accessory: a trash bin can turn into an ash tray, a pot holder or into an antitheft umbrella stand with lock.

+39 3404746411


Since 1998 Unosider has been developing gazebos, pergolas and protection structures for the outdoors, fully respecting the tradition of the “bottega italiana”. Thanks to this passion, bespoke projects and solutions for the “outdoor architecture” are conceived using solely top-quality materials.


In 1969 Up&Up was working with leading architects in order to conceive new shapes and new uses for marble. In 1979 UpGroup was founded, an Italian excellence specialized in the production and in the working of marble. Unique products, marble inlays and transparencies brings new life to the rock.


For over 75 years, VELUX has been improving people’s quality of life by bringing daylight and fresh air into our homes. Our products include roof windows, blinds, shutters as well as a range of smart solutions for buildings, thus creating a sustainable and healthy environment.

045 6173666


VerdeVip® produces indoor and outdoor artificial plants, synthetic hedges and high quality artificial grass for interior designers, companies and individuals. Every day we work in harmony with nature, admiring its perfection to imitate it.


Exhibition Organizers and event management company. We have been planning, organizing, managing and communicating events, exhibitions and trade fairs for 20 years. We provide consulting and professional services in the design, furniture, accessory, garden and food industries.


VITEO develops and produces outdoor products with the mission to make people feel at home outdoors.


Sagrato e piazza della Chiesa di San Marco e chiostro
Piazza San Marco, 2

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