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Agape12 takes with its partners the occasion of Milan Design Week to refine and renew its design interpretations of contemporary living.

Like in a creative atelier, Agape12 environments become a space for research and experimentation where objects, matter and finishes are transformed into opportunities to establish refined relationships between elements of collections in continuous evolution.

Agape proposes visions aimed at the progressive evolution of the range, with previews of Benedini Associati, Patricia Urquiola, Marcio Kogan and Vencato Merendi with Gypsum. Novelties that communicate in an extraordinary way with carefully selected showroom partners. Agapecasa, Antrax, CP Parquet, Effegibi, Gypsum, Key Cucine and Matteo Brioni renew their presence, while this year's edition sees the entry of Mosaico+ as a new partner, for an offer that aims to expand the dedicated proposals to the evolution of the spaces to live.

Activities schedule

April 9
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition
April 10
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition
April 11
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition
April 12
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition
April 13
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition
April 14
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition

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For 40 years, we have been conceiving new ways of enjoying the space and time of bathing. Time, light, form and matter, a comprehensive and revolutionary vision for contemporary living since 1973.


Agapecasa extends the vision of Agape to the whole of domestic life, with original products that are refined, functional and modern. The "Mangiarotti Collection" is a collection of furniture, design classics made from prototypes, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti from the early 50s onwards.

Antrax IT

Antrax IT is a radiators design manufacturer which has made quality its primary goal, from the very outset using cutting-edge production technology and internationally renowned designers.

CP Parquet

CP Parquet has a vocation for seeking beauty in harmony with nature: for over 30 years it has been producing top quality wood flooring exclusively in Italy, using the best wood types and paying careful attention to the environment, human wellbeing and refined crafted finishes.


Effegibi was established in 1987 as a producer of Finnish saunas. Through the years it brought this product in private homes to the general public. Later on,Effegibi also developed the Hammam project and became an admired supplier in the "well-being" area for public and, above all private locations.


Gypsum manufactures plaster, laminated polystyrene and concrete, to create architectural and industrial design elements. With Pigmenti, Open (design Merendi and Vencato) and Standard Tiles (CRS Gypsum) introduces its collections of HPC tiles with unique characteristics.

Key Cucine

In a synthesis of artisan craftsmanship, knowhow and daring, Key Cucine brings experience and knowledge into its exploration of the potential expressed by new materials, creating infinite combinations of shapes and layouts to ensure that each kitchen is a reflection of its user's personality.

Matteo Brioni

Matteo Brioni company, headed up by Matteo himself - architect with a passion for form and a vocation to build, is dedicated to producing natural finishes for architecture and interior design with a material that has been an essential element in the industry for centuries: raw earth.


Rethinking the mosaic form, from the traditional figurative terms to a key element in the construction of a pattern to amplify the vibration of matter. A new approach to the concept of coverings, overcoming the limitations of decorations to become a creative tool for architects & interior designers.


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