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Pretziada is a project by Ivano Atzori and Kyre Chenven that combines the Sardinian craftsmanship with the desire of telling the story of a territory through new ways of representing traditional products. For the authors Pretziada is like an “anthropological residence” where the designers involved go to learn about culture, language and people and often the final inspiration of the product comes from something unexpected. Blending is the keyword that provides the definition of “narrating” objects able to represent the culture and history of the place with new forms of memory of one’s own roots.

Sustainability for us today is also expressed through these forms of dialogue and memory of the culture of the territory and the enhancement of knowledge and tradition. Pretziada is an interdisciplinary project combining journalism, design, craftsmanship and tourism. Its mission might seem inconsistent, as the authors say “we want to take the world to Sardinia to preserve all the peculiarities of this island. Because working with full respect of the local heritage and traditions we can bring change, modernity and innovation without losing authenticity”.


Kyre Chenven, from California and Ivano Atzori, born in Milan, moved to the South of Sardinia four years ago to start working with the artisans of the area on the redevelopment of local craftsmanship. Kyre was previously set designer in New York, while Ivano comes from the world of graffiti and contemporary art. They work hand in hand as cultural translators: writing and capturing the details of the island, proposing new designs on extremely classical pieces, producing original design pieces by international creative talents and helping artisans build their future path. Research and storytelling are at the heart of Pretziada’s work.


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Via Valtorta, 9

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