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This year double the exhibition spaces! The Salernitane companies, with the success of the third edition of the "Young Factory Design" Contest - Design in the manufacturing company - will be present for the second consecutive year at the Brera District and for the first year at Piazza Fontana at the elegant Spazio Campania made available to the Campania Region as part of the Campania Felix project, the result of a program partnership between the Campania Region and Unioncamere Campania, which aims to create opportunities for contact between the national and international market that revolves around the Lombard metropolis and the Campania production system.   The Made in Salerno Design Products made by the sponsoring companies are back.   The materials are the main concept of the exhibition, curated by young designers Rosalba Castaldo and Carmen Di Giorgio, S-material-s the material that takes shape through the ideas of designers and the know-how of companies. Design and knowledge that create a perfect synergy for obtaining products that evoke emotions before being useful.

Activities schedule

April 11
10:00 — 21:00 Exhibition - Space - Materials - Salerno at the Fuori Salone in Milan present S-Material-S.
18:00 — 21:00 Cocktail party - Opening event in the S-Material-S world with a glass of wine
April 12
10:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Space - Materials - Salerno at the Fuori Salone in Milan present S-Material-S.
18:00 — 20:00 Meeting - Talk
April 13
10:00 — 20:00 Exhibition - Space - Materials - Salerno at the Fuori Salone in Milan present S-Material-S.
11:00 — 13:00 Meeting - Business to Designer returns to Milan, where companies meet designers.
April 14
10:00 — 18:00 Exhibition - Space - Materials - Salerno at the Fuori Salone in Milan present S-Material-S.

& companies

Ceramiche Giovanni De Maio

For over four generations, Giovanni De Maio has continued, with faithful commitment, to bring beauty into the homes and environments of half the world. It is ceramics that becomes art, as if nature had asked to be immortalized, as if the history of a country had asked to be narrated.


Deep roots, future projections, it is the sound that has accompanied the history of the Rinaldi Group in the bedding sector for over 50 years. It is, in fact, on the double track of tradition and innovation that the company has based its busy daily life, under the banner of excellence, focus on qual

Ics Future Village

ICS - FUTURE VILLAGE has as main activity that of the promotion of traditional artistic ceramics but also that of finding new forms and suggestions, without losing that relationship with the manual that makes ceramics a unique material, able to unite and make different cultures and peoples dialogue

Lamberti Design

We are an artisan metal furniture industry, specialized in designing and manufacturing furnishing solutions in stainless steel, but also in iron, brass, copper and aluminum. The production range ranges from furnishings, interiors and exteriors, to the realization of display cases, stairs.

Manifatture Tessili Prete

The Manifatture Tessili Prete was founded in 1950 in Scafati, 2 km from Pompeii. The company has always produced fabrics using 100% natural yarns such as linen, hemp, cotton also mixed with wool or silk. It uses the traditional Jacquard with an uninterrupted weave, also sophisticated modern one.

Marine Leather

Born in 1930 as a tannery Marine Leather still adhere to the Italian artisanal practices of its origin. The company remains true to its leather-making heritage but is able to create innovative collections that offer a wide range of different textures as well as a myriad of diverse nuances.

Marmi Sacco

Company founded in 1967 in Capaccio Paestum, and since then active in the processing of natural materials such as Marble, Stones, Travertines, Granites, Onyx, Quartz and composite materials such as Marble-Resin, Okite, Laminam and porcelain stoneware. The craftsmanship and innovation!

Tekla srl

Windows represent the company's core business: design and construction of 5 production lines in different systems. Facades, security doors, interior doors, closures and custom furniture complete our products.


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