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HEMMA Gone Wild

In a unique location in the heart of Brera Design District HEMMA Gone Wild will showcase a new selection of exciting Swedish design brands and studios. This year HEMMA has gone wild and is not to be missed!

Activities schedule

April 8
14:00 — 19:00 Press preview
April 9
09:30 — 19:00 Exhibition
10:00 — 11:30 Meeting
19:00 — 22:00 Cocktail party
April 10
09:30 — 19:00 Exhibition
10:00 — 11:30 Meeting
April 11
09:30 — 19:00 Exhibition
10:00 — 11:30 Meeting
April 12
09:30 — 19:00 Exhibition
10:00 — 11:30 Meeting
April 13
09:30 — 19:00 Exhibition
April 14
09:30 — 19:00 Exhibition

& companies


Founded as a gallery to exhibit furniture as objects of fine art, Michael and Thomas established Asplund in 1990. ⁣⁣Today, by exploring different cultural sources while remaining true to Swedish design heritage, it creates contemporary furniture and home accessories that reflects classic technique.


Co-founded by Johan Ronnestam, Fredrik Franzon and the founding members of @formuswithlove; Jonas Petterson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér, believes building materials should be sustainable, surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. ⁣The acoustic tiles & panels redefine the depths of sound.

Beckmans College of Design

Stockholm has long been an incubator of design and also an influencer in creative thinking and innovation. Now sixteen graduates and alumni from Beckmans College of Design Stockholm, one of Swedens leading design colleges make their appearance on the international design scene.

Blå Station

Located in what used to be a sewing factory in Åhus, on the southeast coast of Sweden where the ocean is just as restless as they are, Blå Station develops furniture that creates a new attitude towards shape, function, material & the industrial production process.⁣


Founded in 1949 in Stockholm with its first product being rag rugs produced from textile waste, Bolon has developed rapidly, fusing the traditional flooring branch with the boundless creativity of the world of fashion.⁣

Design House Stockholm

Distinguishing itself as a publisher of design, rather than a conventional producer of design, the house curates a collection of Scandinavian design classics - from fashion & furniture to lighting, textiles, and kitchen accessories - with timeless appeal and qualities that outlive temporary trend.


With sustainable design at their core since 1885, EFG believes in interior solutions that encourage new ways of working and meeting while reducing their impact on the environment. ⁣ ⁣EFG’s furniture solves workplace problems through heritage and insights.


With roots in the Scandinavian design aesthetic, Fogia’s collection is handmade to stringent standards of quality and construction, using high-end materials and craftsmanship. Graceful elegance and purposeful function are realised through a genuine knowledge of craft and construction.


Gärsnäs was founded in 1893 with the aim of making durable, quality wooden furniture. Guided by awareness, curiosity and craftsmanship. We create furniture that challenges the present and lives on for generations, with strict controls regarding quality, the environment and social responsibility.


Gemla, founded in 1861, tames and shapes natural beech and ash wood into distinctive creations - wood is steamed until it is flexible and then crafted and rounded by hand into a light yet extremely durable. ⁣Where bentwood handicraft meets modern design & organic material.

HDK Academy of design

Students Milena Fae, Anna Junebro and Ruth Elvira Gilmour are included in the exhibition with the support from Goteborg & Co and the Gothenburg Tourist Board.


Hikki makes products for a good life in the outdoors - whether that’s sharing a bit of freshly baked bread or a bath with those close to you. With inspiration from the barren nordic landscape in Sweden and the Sami culture, Hikki makes products that are built to last over generations.

Kajsa Melchior

Grotto Serving Plate, designed by Kajsa Melchior in collaboration with Wavy. Each form is molded in sand and translated into a composite material called Jesmonite. The project is inspired by the process of erosion and explores how to create natural form in an artificial environment.


Källemo works with designers and artists who are aware of what quality stands for - accomplishment unaffected by trends. For Källemo, furniture is a concept, with a will of its own, conveying an expression, and the most important aspect is the visual quality. Explore Källemo’s furniture creations.


A furniture design and production company formed by two designers -Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin - Massproductions focuses on the interplay between object and context. Building on the clean, functional elegance of modernism, Massproductions creates multifunctional, highly adaptable design classics


New design range by Lisa Hilland, inspired by Scandinavian nature, combining it’s natural materials, quality craftsmanship, and modern production techniques. All items are produced in environmentally friendly materials - combined with high-tech production.


With nearly half a century of designing for the urban landscape, Nola produces quality products that make urban environments a little bit more beautiful, and a whole lot easier to live in. Nola stands for quality, aesthetic and sustainable design over time - collaborating with Sweden’s designers.


Carpets and textile flooring materials offers great opportunities for color, shape and designs. Since the early 1960s Ogeborg have helped interior designers, architects and companies in creating beautiful and sustainable office environment in the Swedish market.


Sophisticated, expressive, updated - Pholc develops lamps for modern spaces, based on a Scandinavian design language and an ambition to create a timeless aesthetic approach.⁣

Studio Mia Cullin

Clean, straightforward and often basic geometric shapes are combined with handicraft details in the furniture, lighting, textiles, and spaces. Mia Cullin’s work expresses her roots in a Nordic design culture, while aiming beyond with strict attention to detail and an often unconventional approach.

Tre Sekel

The commonality for all of Tre Sekel’s products is that they are all produced with the highest level of craftsmanship in our local factory in Tibro, founded in 1944. The main materials used in our products are massive-solid wood, carefully chosen from local forests.

Ung Svensk Form

Annual juried award and travelling exhibition whose purpose is to broaden and deepen knowledge about youn g and innovative Swedish design. With support from Goteborg&Co, Gothenburg Tourist Board,design by Simon Skinner, Annelie Grimwade, G. William Bell and Emmeli Rolleberg.

Vandra Rugs

Combines design and handicraft knowledge. All rugs are hand woven on traditional Swedish floor looms - a time consuming, intricate and demanding work. Co-founders Attling, Bodén and Wallenberg Olsson share a common passion - making beautiful rugs making rugs wiht the highest level of craftmanship.


With more than 35 years in the market, Westerbergs brings high design and quality details to the contemporary bathroom. Scandinavian expression, sleek simplicity and first-class materials embody Westerbergs’ designs.


Quality, environmental care, and innovation are at the heart of Zero’s lighting designs. Named Zero to reflect the founders start from nothing, the lighting brand creates uniquely illuminated indoor and outdoor spaces praised in both Sweden and abroad. ⁣⁣


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